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Daryl Fang, R.AC
Registered Acupuncturist 

Registered with the CTCMPAO

Welcome to my rebranded site!

I am a Registered Acupuncturist working in two clinics across the GTA in Toronto, Ontario.  I work primarily with Women's Health Conditions and have been really privileged within my decade and a half of experience in helping women (and those who identify as womxn) navigate their own personal healthcare terrain.


Conditions such as fertility (assisted with IVF/IUI or natural), PMS/PMDD, painful (or prolonged & heavy) periods, peri-menopausal symptom management, labour induction, morning sickness, hormonal acne & regulating periods  and ovulation (due to conditions like PCOS)  are some of the women's health condition symptoms that I use acupuncture to treat or manage. 

In addition to the above, I also help folks manage mood conditions (such as  anxiety and depression), alleviate sleep issues, and treat pain (brought on by inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, acute muscle or joint injury, inflammatory bowel or uterine muscle conditions). 

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I'm most active on Instagram (yes I can't find another social language to replace the good old 'Gram) but I try to check in once in awhile on LinkedIn and FB. 

Videos and reels are going to be posted here soon so keep checking in. 

Going forward, the blog will be archived (because, no one reads blogs anymore - but if you do, they're stored for safekeeping just in case you like indulging in early 2000s blogger heaven)

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