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February 18, 2020

I'm sorry to keep you folks waiting for a new post but I have to say that I have been kept turbo-charged busy since Nov 2019 right into the very start of Feb 2020! That's right. Your friendly neighborhood acupunk has been swinging into action right from the pre-Xmas season, straight into post New Year's! And I'm only just for the first time, slowing the pace down a bit!

Now I know I have promised you all some updates and changes to the website. It's still a work in progress but I have tweaked the colour schemes a bit on my website and have added VIDEOS! Yes...that dreaded V-word that I was so afraid to tackle mid last season? Well, I sorta dipped my toes in the water. And though no personal appearances are made, I did make a fairly robust attack at filming something about cosmetic acupuncture and introducing you all to some of the tools of my trade: the types of needles I use, facial cups (yes, you heard that right!!) and a little about why I use them and what they do on your face!...

November 29, 2019

It's ba-a-a-ck! The holiday season that is. It's waiting - right around the corner. And depending on how you look at things it could be a time of great anticipation and merry-making or, it could be a time of never-ending to-do-to-get lists, burnt turkey dinners and "spirited family discussions".     

Sure! Maybe for some of us, this is a nostalgic period and we are reminded of our childhood memories of decorating trees at home, the sound of jingling bells, Christmas carols and the familiar scents of freshly brewed peppermint hot chocolate. 

The reality for most of us however, is that Christmas is often seen as a time of high stress and anxiety. As much as we hate to admit it, a good many of us tend to do the “holiday last minute shopping dash”, cram in as many projects as we can at work before we take time off and we force ourselves to be unnecessarily obligated to attend some of those awkward holiday gatherings. 

It’s no wonder we’re so tired...

October 25, 2019

Hey's another standard Friday morning here in The Six. And I'm up. No, literally, I am up.

I know that last post was a bummer. But in that moment I knew I had to share how I was feeling. There's always a back story as to why I do what I do and that last video just hints at part of the reason why I do the work. I've always said that I wanted to make this blog about all things acupuncture (and more) but as this blog evolves, it feels more and more like a candid conversation with friends as I write. And I'm so thankful I have this "outlet" of sorts to share, be myself and to give YOU out there (THANK YOU so much for continuing to follow me in my daily adventures in acu-land!) a glimpse of what make me tick - and poke...hahah! 

Anyway, if anyone has been following me in FB land, you'll know I did (or rather tried and burned up as I entered the stratosphere of the reality of tech-ups and freezing due to nerves) I did a video for Darou Wellness on diseases of the autumn. And I epic...

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