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March 22, 2020

Hey all. I guess you are feeling a little of the anxiety, the fight, the defiance, the collective empathy and the shared fear of the current situation in the world. It doesn't help that we are all at home (most of us anyway - the real heroes are out there fighting for us each and every second: the nurses, paramedics, cashiers, grocery clerks, bus drivers, cleaners, police, EMS responders, cleaners, doctors....and so many more) feeling cut off from the world. But if there is any one thing I take some comfort in, its knowing that we are not completely alone in this. For the first time in my life I am feeling a sense of a shared "mission" that is calling us as a World Team to come together and fight a common enemy. It's not a super nuke nor a wonderful superpower that we can use to take down the bad guys. But it's a shared camaraderie and a feeling of forming a common alliance that always lifts my spirit when the day feels like its just a little darker than I last remembered. 

I always had...

September 11, 2019

I know, I know. My bad. (I just wrist slapped myself so, THERE! We're even stevens....still friends??)

I know I keep saying that I'll be posting a little ditty about taking it easy and demonstrating the concept of "Yang Sheng" as a means of "keeping things balanced" in life and not letting life be all about too much action and no rest. Oh what a major hypo-critter I am as my summer has been all about the action-packed and uh...well, not so much about the "R an' R" aspect of life.

{Aside note: For all you acugeeks out there (YOU know who you are!!) who are curious, "Yang Sheng" is pretty much a way of life and living; where one "cultivates one's spirit" and "nourishes one's life" as a way to prevent disease (and all that nasty stuff that could kick your health out of kilter) and keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and, equally as important, responsive to all the things that life can throw at you.} 

So really, the point and purpose of this short little interim article is...

July 19, 2019

 No! Don't run away from the needle! Run to it! 

Yes, it seems a bit strange doesn't it? Stick a needle here, here, here and here - and you will be able to run better??

Most of our ancient simian instincts would tell us, "HEEELLLLLLLLLLLL no!"

However, allow me to convince you to just consider an option - just yet, another option in your toolbox of treatment options for you to choose from if you happen have a couple of creaks, bumps, sprains or noisy joints that you'd like to investigate (hopefully with the help of your friendly neighbourhood acupunk!) in order to get you back on your feet and running (or swimming, cycling, gym-ing, monkey bar climbing, etc) again. I can testify that it works - not simply because I do the acupuncturing on people but really because, I too, have been a patient of acupuncture myself and I am thankful that I have this modality of treatment to fall back on if, (the gods forbid) I should sprain my ankle yet again! 


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