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October 8, 2018

One of the most common things I am asked is whether acupuncture can be used to assist somebody going through IVF. It’s a good question and worth taking a closer look as it seems to be something that comes up A LOT in my conversations with patients, friends and family when I talk about my work. Before I begin however, I wish to add that I cannot discuss IVF without some mention of some of the mechanisms involving infertility, which contribute to the need of some people in seeking IVF to assist them in the process of getting pregnant. You’ll find some mention of the causes of infertility scattered in several portions of this article as you read through it. 

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According to the Collins Online Dictionary, IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) “is the process of helping a woman to have a baby in which an egg is removed from one of her ovaries, fertilized outside her body, and then replaced in her womb".

Stress and Infertility 

In my practice, I have often observed that p...

September 28, 2018

I often get asked this question a lot and it’s funny that it never occurred to me to write a post about this. I guess it’s because most of the time, I find myself answering this in the context of an acupuncture treatment and I am able to show the patient just how “teenie tiny” the needle actually is in the clinic. 

Out here in the outer space realms of the internet though, showing people what a needle looks like can pose a few challenges, especially when said R.Ac is somewhat photography-challenged. So, I decided to do a simple (yes, very rudimentarily simple) comparison chart of different thicknesses of everyday objects vs a humble acupuncture needle.

My aim? To reassure you that acupuncture doesn’t feel like:

And instead, feels more like:

I completely understand that our evolutionary genetic heritage has armed us somewhat with a very real and self-preserving fear of sharp and pointy objects. However, this proudly put together chart should give some of the biggest needle-phones some...

June 26, 2018

Yes. You read that right. 

I just had to ask that question because that was the question I asked myself when I opened up my first box of moxa in my acupuncture class in my third year of TCM school. The label on the box read "Moxa Punk" which prompted me to ask myself, "What on earth is moxa punk???". Images of angry punks smashing guitars on a stage wearing leather and chains flashed through my head. I have to admit, I kind of liked that image and I intended to hang on to its intrinsic "street cred" value because at that moment, in my eyes, it had just raised acupuncture and TCM, to a whole new level of coolness.

Now, you may be wondering at this point what does "punk" have to do with what I do in my practice?

Well, everything!

Before you do the infamous Steven Colbert eyebrow raise and give me the look that says, "WTF did you smoke for breakfast man???", hear me out. 

You may have heard of or, you may have come across some reference to...

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