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March 21, 2019

I wrote this article for Darou Wellness (it is in the editing process right now but will be live soon!) and wanted to post it here in my blog because it is an important reminder ( MOSTLY FOR MYSELF ) for all of us to unplug ourselves from our routines every so often. We seem to be floored in our lives and I'm finding that we are almost slaves to our routines and to our tech. Not to mention our grueling work schedules which have changed immensely not only in the last century but yet again and just within the last two generations!  

It struck me a few weeks ago that almost everyone I knew in my social circle seemed to be talking about “burnout” and needing self care days but feeling unable to fit them into their weekly schedule. I have friends that juggle at least three different part-time jobs (I myself qualify as one of those working now in three different clinics across the GTA); some struggle with one full-time job but have the additional responsibility of children or e...

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