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as of April 3, 2023:

New Website Page in Development 


Your fave friendly neighborhod acupunk aint going' away anytime soon. 

She's just real bored of the existing webpage and wants to try and redo the whole thing. 

No other reason than she's now stuck recovering at home from a pretty badly sprained ankle (missed step wins by 1 point!) & is bored and looking for a challenge. 

Call this a hiatus from the universe. 


MY RECOVERY UPDATES ARE ALL HERE & I MESSAGE BACK so you will never be in the dark about my progress. Jokes, funny memes, good positive vibes and wishes are all accepted (as are recipes, cute dog posts, planting tips and new ways of jazzing up coffee!)  

I'll let you all know when I am back at work folks. Follow along here for a brand new web revamp too. Just because.


I can!




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