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My Twittering Account

Short one as I can't believe I, the social media inept, just did this:

No, I didn't do it to stalk DT. Although I admit his tweets can be collected, bound and showcased as a precautionary Smithsonian future exhibitions for future generations (might I suggest "Epic bad ideas" as a title).

No, I didn't do it increase my reach amongst my friends, potential new patients and current patients. Though its a nice thing to have handy.

I did it simply because I wanted to open a Pandora's box and see what sorts of delightful trinkets I'd pull out (and to stretch my social media muscles further). That's all. Curiosity hopefully doesn't kill this cat!

Thanks for reading folks! And now, for a bit of twitterstalk.........Happy Friday!

- and yes, to all that I talked to about my second blogpost on moxa....its almost done and uh, it'll actually be my third blogpost at this point > p <

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