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Free Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis Sessions at Darou Wellness -  dates to be announced soon 👅 ✋

I’m pretty excited at being here on my very first day at Darou Wellness today and I’m cooking up a few ideas on what I can do to let folks know that I’m here and ready to see patients. I figured I’d like to make myself comfortable in my new West End home by letting people know what I do here.

My primary focus at this place of work will be on Women’s Health and using acupuncture as the main modality to help women manage the symptoms of women’s health conditions (some average everyday conditions and some not quite so average or ordinary) such as: PMS, endometriosis, painful or heavy periods, fibroids, fertility, IVF assistance, labour induction, acne caused by hormonal fluctuations and menopause.

I will do a talk and small evening Q&A workshop in September to introduce people to how acupuncture can help in common conditions that are health concerns or worries for many women. For the time being however, I’ll decide which days and at what times the I’d like to do brief FREE introductory lunch hour pulse and tongue diagnosis sessions, just as a way of helping people get acquainted with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine diagnosis. These will be held in the coming two weeks in the days I work there (Wednesdays and Fridays).

I’ll announce these dates and times once I get them locked in. Keep watching here for updates and news! Ps you can find out about upcoming talks and sessions on my instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts too!

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