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And now for something completely un-related to acupuncture!

I'm still getting used to this whole "website-building" thing.

I'm still making a sh**-ton of mistakes. Sometimes I laugh at them because they are just so entertainingly over-the-top hilarious. Sometimes they set me back a few days because they remind me that I am only human and will most surely screw up once in awhile.

I only just learned how to create a link (like within the last 10 minutes today!!) on this wix platform. Hell yeah. I'm feeling good. It only took me what, all of a year to figure out?!

And since I'm so happy I thought I'd celebrate by plugging one of my new passions - Running! It's not something I'm great at. It's not even something I can say I am crazy over. But I do know that in my nuclear meltdown moments when I completely bad-fail at being a benevolent friend, a good daughter, a fairy godmother aunt, a self promoting contract Acupuncturist, a website whizz....I go run.

I don't know why it helps. I don't even ask how it does that. All I know is that it just feels good. My brain is less pointy and sharp. The day feels less heavy. I'm less likely to do that whole judge and jury thing on myself and the world. I'm more kind. I'm less likely to smack someone. Running is a nice balm on my ego-busted "I must be epically soothed now" soul.

And this article reminded me of that warm fuzzy feely good vibes happy feeling I get after lacing up and doing even just a mere 1 mile with my music blasting loud.

And this link that I so proudly learned myself to do today is the proof in the pudding that even an ancient person who has no teck-sav-madskillsness can still "get" a new trick. Happy Friday folks. Give someone you love / don't care much for / don't even know / who needs it a high five today!

(please please please let this link work!!!!)

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