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How Thick Is That Acupuncture Needle??!!

I often get asked this question a lot and it’s funny that it never occurred to me to write a post about this. I guess it’s because most of the time, I find myself answering this in the context of an acupuncture treatment and I am able to show the patient just how “teenie tiny” the needle actually is in the clinic.

Out here in the outer space realms of the internet though, showing people what a needle looks like can pose a few challenges, especially when said R.Ac is somewhat photography-challenged. So, I decided to do a simple (yes, very rudimentarily simple) comparison chart of different thicknesses of everyday objects vs a humble acupuncture needle.

My aim? To reassure you that acupuncture doesn’t feel like:

And instead, feels more like:

I completely understand that our evolutionary genetic heritage has armed us somewhat with a very real and self-preserving fear of sharp and pointy objects. However, this proudly put together chart should give some of the biggest needle-phones some reassurance that the needle itself is a little thicker than the diameter of a human hair.

I do apologize for the wild and misbehaving strand of my hair. I like the idea that my hair is straight, thick and gorgeous but the reality of it is that it curls at the wrong times and this just happened to be one of those wrong times during a photo op.

I hope this helps anyone worrying that their acupuncture treatments will feel like getting jabbed by knitting needles or jackhammers. I can assure you they will feel closer to zen-like calm and less like a ninja sneak attack. Since I’m here, if anyone out there has any acupuncture points to suggest for taming hair, I’m open to hearing them!

Happy Friday!

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