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I'm back!!! (& is it too late to sign up?)

I can't believe that its been an almost 4 and a half month hiatus for me. I actually didn't intend to break for that long. I thought a short breather at the end of October last year was going to be just that - short (as in "just a few weeks" short). And then "Life.Stuff" just happened in December; the tough and messy emotional kind of "Life.Stuff" that knocks you off your feet and makes you run for cover because it's too much for one's heart and head to process in a short period of time.

Work ramped up in all three clinics for most of November and December; I had almost zero downtime during that time; and, I lost a very good friend and patient shortly after Christmas. That last one was a serious (old geezer word usage warning here) doozie. She was a tough cookie, a strong resilient soul and always found a way to make me laugh despite her chemo and health troubles. And after I found out in my post Christmas withdrawal headspace, I just had to unplug from the world for awhile.

January and February 2019 were quiet for me. Work still worked. And I still kept up my weekly routines. But I kept my head low and just focused on work and reconnecting with old friends during this time; there was no blogging, no articles, no social media peeps from me. It didn't feel like the right time.

Its March now and I think we're less than 14 days away from the official start of spring. I figured this would be a good time to resurface again. Life does go on. And I am learning that a person's presence in your life will always be present if you keep their memory alive in your daily thoughts - even long after they are gone.

So, I start the month off with this and a second blog entry. I've been gone too long and its time I made myself comfortable again at my workspace. I missed this!

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