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Melbourne I'm ba-aack!

This will be a short one - simply because the wifi at the service apartment where I am staying in Melbourne is not always consistent. I intended to post a little earlier but I had to figure out how to power through the initial 4-5pm zombie hour jet lag while working out how to get wifi while getting around the city catching up with old friends (yes, other fellow acupuncturists who graduated with me a decade ago - has it really been that long!??).

Its my third day here of my conference and I am still pinching myself at the fact that I am back in my graduating city of Melbourne, Australia. I am still going to be hanging around for another two more days as I still have more catching up with my old buddies to do. Then it's up north to Brisbane to visit my aunt for another week. I used to spend time with her during my school breaks during the academic year when I needed good food and a place that felt like family. This whole trip is bringing back a whole bunch of warm, fuzzy, good memories and I am so glad I finally took that holiday that I have been saying I'd take for the last few years.

I know I promised an article on quitting's a fairly thick one to work through but I thought I'd save it for when I get to Brisbane where my wifi signals will be a little stronger and the risk of losing the whole kit and caboodle will be a little less likely! For now, I just wanted to touch base and post a picture of my conference name tag to say hello! Selfies will be on the way (once I work out how to look a little less like a time-zoned challenged "Walker" and more like a glamorous jet-setting acupuncture mama!).

Going to get myself ready for a morning run, crank up the tunes to restart my circadian clock and then head over to the final day of TCM lectures at the gorgeous Pullman on the Park Hotel!

Sending love and sunshine from beautiful Australia!

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