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Awwwww dammnit....she's up again! (And doing a video now??)

Hey's another standard Friday morning here in The Six. And I'm up. No, literally, I am up.

I know that last post was a bummer. But in that moment I knew I had to share how I was feeling. There's always a back story as to why I do what I do and that last video just hints at part of the reason why I do the work. I've always said that I wanted to make this blog about all things acupuncture (and more) but as this blog evolves, it feels more and more like a candid conversation with friends as I write. And I'm so thankful I have this "outlet" of sorts to share, be myself and to give YOU out there (THANK YOU so much for continuing to follow me in my daily adventures in acu-land!) a glimpse of what make me tick - and poke...hahah!

Anyway, if anyone has been following me in FB land, you'll know I did (or rather tried and burned up as I entered the stratosphere of the reality of tech-ups and freezing due to nerves) I did a video for Darou Wellness on diseases of the autumn. And I epic F*%LED it....well I felt I did though folks didn't really seem to notice much.

And because I don't usually put my face out there it's always nerve wracking for me to do one of those videos which is why its taken me so #@!! long to post one (my last one was actually almost a year ago and also with Darou Wellness on their FB page).

So I tried to push the envelope and do yet another one (and after that last bumpy post too so my ego was not quite holding it together quite as well as I'd like).

The day started off well enough. I woke up refreshed. I was stoked after my first cup of coffee. My practice runs went stellar!! I was mind was clear and I was pumped!!

And then performance time...the camera's battery died. And it was dying when I went live. So I switch it off and start again (with a very typical slurry of very Canadian-style apologies for doing this of course!!). And when I come back on....I freeze. And then I start rambling. And then I become aware of the rambling and instead of breathing, focusing and re-focusing and just doing what I did on my practice runs, I ramble some more.

And I am just crushed. Just like that - with the snap of the proverbial world is crushed and I just want to hide in the deepest darkest hole on this planet so that "even the sun don't shine" there.

But well, life goes on. My gym buddy who shows up each and every time I don't want to and makes me get on my feet again (yo! Lito...this shout-out's for YOU!) shows me that grit, character and determination makes this life still worth living. Even after an epic fail - LIVE and on camera.

So I decided to do my first epic test run of a home video here. I don't know what it looks like because I haven't been doing THIS media thingy much. And I'm still spit and shoe-stringing it and flying by the seat of my pants (why does everything have to be about PANTS??) as I wing it. So because I don't seem to be able to post this as a "square block chunky thingy I thought I'd try to post it as an URL? (Is that what this is?? Oh hell's bell's if I can keep up with all this techno jargon!)

Its a pilot test run. So nothing fancy. At some point I am going to level up and start posting my mug here. I guess bravery and courage have nothing to do with this. But I'd like to think character, determination and grit can help develop bravery and courage. (And make-up....thank GAWD for make up! <---- when I get to that point of face-posting that is!)

No laughing. I'll take applause though....have a great day folks! More posts on acupuncture matters to come.

(I'm crossing myself now that this thing works.....!!!)

And it DOESN'T.

So I guess you'll have this one to contend with. I have this other "more cleaned up but with no talking on it" one until I can post another that doesn't take too much media storage space up...crap!! Oh well, its a start and journeys don't begin until you put one foot in front of the other.

I'm sorry!!! I couldn't help but post this! It was just too fun NOT to!!!!! And I needed a laugh due to tech-up number TWO.

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