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Hello 2020!!

I'm sorry to keep you folks waiting for a new post but I have to say that I have been kept turbo-charged busy since Nov 2019 right into the very start of Feb 2020! That's right. Your friendly neighborhood acupunk has been swinging into action right from the pre-Xmas season, straight into post New Year's! And I'm only just for the first time, slowing the pace down a bit!

Now I know I have promised you all some updates and changes to the website. It's still a work in progress but I have tweaked the colour schemes a bit on my website and have added VIDEOS! Yes...that dreaded V-word that I was so afraid to tackle mid last season? Well, I sorta dipped my toes in the water. And though no personal appearances are made, I did make a fairly robust attack at filming something about cosmetic acupuncture and introducing you all to some of the tools of my trade: the types of needles I use, facial cups (yes, you heard that right!!) and a little about why I use them and what they do on your face! See the blog post here! It may seem a little amateur but hey! For my first introverted-person's-try I feel like I just SLAMMED my first attempt at this!:

More articles (and videos too!) to come soon since I think we are headed into a more relaxed pace for the middle of the first quarter of the acupuncturing year. On an aside note, I don't post a whole lot of stuff on FB or on Twitter anymore but if anyone here is itching to see the daily ins and outs of what I'm up to (both on the clinic floor and off), find me on Instagram @dary.fang because that's where I post most of my goings-on, updates, shenanigans and personal musings when I am not walking the clinic floors. (Here are the videos in their original instagram format:

Who needs another post about personal New Years resolutions? Here's to tackling the things that scare you and coming out looking good (and still breathing!) HAPPY 2020 EVERYONE!

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