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An Update to DoGo: February 2021

You guys came through! You guys showed up! And YOU helped me raise more than $1,000 worth of funds for FoodShare Toronto (in case you're wondering what this is all about, follow the white rabbit to this link:

Because of you, people living in racialized (and usually underfunded, under-supported) communities will be able to access healthy, fresh food from this wonderful organization through their fresh food box program (PLEASE do check this out because it's a real fantastic initiative:!!

These amazing people and their families do great work every single day, showing up for work just to make sure that those of us who are told to stay and work from home, can do so without barely a dent to our daily lives. It's unfortunate but many of these great people make up the bulk of of our frontline heroes who work in our checkout counters in supermarkets, drive buses or subway trains, educate our youth, staff our community medical centres, tend to our sick in hospitals, clean our public areas, as well as drive food and essential goods on trucks to our neighbourhoods. And that's just to name a few areas where so many of the services that we take for granted are kept going by these remarkable folks!

In total, for the month of February 2021, the proceeds from 25% of each individual acupuncture treatment that you all came in for (at either Simple Cures or Darou Wellness), added up to $1,191.25!! We almost made it to $1,192 (just shy of $8 to reach a cool $1,200!). And that was during February which is usually one of the slowest and also coldest months in the calendar year for people seeking acupuncture treatments!!

I just wanted to update you all on this blog post and say a real heartfelt THANK YOU for helping me out with the really important endeavour during this really critical time. Not only are we dealing with a worldwide pandemic but, we are also undergoing massive shifts in our social order and seeing a lot of divisive civil and racial unrest. These uncertain times really and truly bring up a desperate need for kindness and for the ability to walk in another's shoes and to be compassionate and share whatever resources we have so that NOBODY is left behind.

Thank you all so much for showing up for humanity and for being the real troopers that you all were showing up even during the week where Toronto saw two massive snow-dumps! You all restore this acupunk's faith in humanity! Let's keep this good juice going and pass kindness forward whenever we can!


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