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My The Last Quarter "Catch My Breath" Moment

Hey all, its been awhile hasn't it?

Wasn't 2021 a blur of images, feelings and quintessential 20's crazy? That's how I feel right now. Like I'm just in the process of catching my breath and trying to recalibrate where I am in life, why I'm here and what just happened in the last year and a half because it all went by so quickly that I barely had a chance to feel like I was even breathing.

So here we are, in the final quarter, after an absence of writing in here for the last 8 months. I still got a few tics left before we wrap up the year but wow, when I look back, I realize just how gassed I was feeling up until just a month ago!

I feel I owe you an explanation of why I just flat out did an invisibility cloak act and just disappeared. Well frankly, work got busy. It sounds like a flimsy excuse but it caught me by surprise. Especially in the spring and early summer of this year, post initial pandemic panic. Which initially was awesome. I felt like I was working my life's purpose and helping people navigate their health concerns in light of the ups and downs, and twists and transitions of trying to live life with our new roomie Covid.

But then, things just got too crazy and the cups that were sustaining me; they just got a little too full. And they weren't spilling over with abundance anymore. They were just spilling over because I got a little too lax with self care and just couldn't keep the juggling up. I got myself burnt out by summer and fall. Because I am pretty much an open book (I have been real open with you all about my life long "depressional waltz") and aim to live life as close to the real as possible, I can tell you all that I got diagnosed with low cortisol levels and on top of that, I was also dealing with a new issue, GERD and acid reflux. Lovely!

That explained why I was having trouble getting up in the morning and my morning workouts no longer brought me joy. Interesting why? Because anyone who knows me, outside of acupuncture, I'm passionate about high intensity, self challenging, self-competitive workouts and I go 120% full throttle. My mood was just leftover crumbs from last year's meals and I was having my other good lifelong frenemy, anxiety, pay me more frequent visits.

So I took the phone off the hook (for all you oldies who still remember you can do that with those old school dial up phones) and tended to me. I slowed down. I did some Art of Yang Sheng (if you don't know what that is, I wrote a blurb about it here: ) because I realized I wasn't taking care of me. I did bloodwork with a good trusted colleague of mine at Darou Wellness, Dr Batra (you come through guns blazing every time I am down - thank you!), and worked out a plan to deal with my fluctuating moods, waning energy levels, stomach and digestive issues, and the likes. I also got in touch with a CBT therapist and got to working on my old mental crap to try and give this house a good clean scrubbing.

Which is probably why I am able to write more articulately here now. I'm back. My body's responded well and I am pushing myself harder with my work. I've launched a new Instagram account (you may have a sniff-around here if you so wishes: that mirrors this site of the same name and features "just the facts" and the meat and potatoes of the work: plain old, no extra sauce, JUST.ACUPUNCTURE. I was trying to do just that with my previous @daryl.fang instagram but that just took on a life of its own and became a very vocal sounding board for the rantings of my soul. I decided to bite the bullet and switch it to private status but do up the public face of my acuinthesix one for those who are acugeeks like myself and want to learn more about the work that I am so blessed to do!

I figured it was time to do a just work, bare bones, imma gonna talk shop acupuncture account. It'll be stylized in the voice and style of our current times. Why? Because as much as I embrace the woo and the poetics of TCM culture, I feel it's got to be updated so it can be bite-sized understandable to today's modern audience. It's relevant treatment and therapy. Why make it so overly fluffy and woo so that it doesn't come down to regular folk level? I still haven't lost sight of my vision: which is to truly bridge east and west and bring traditionally sound generational information and treatment to our 21st century urban way of living. Medicine is timeless. But the way we communicate it isn't. And to stay relevant, we have to keep working at not only our craft of what we do, but also in the way we communicate what we want to do.

So yesssss my beauts, I am back and making the best few thumps of the heartbeat of this last quarter.

Mind's good after a few rounds of CBT and I got myself some new tools on how to rewrite the code of my old mental talk and replace it with better, more positive and forward facing code. Body's good too and I'm pursuing a new shiny object as far as fitness is concerned : BOXING! Its my new love at the mo'. And I am loving it - even if my fancy footwork is as tangled up as my hair in the morning and I am still punching in zigziggy directions. The challenge of honing the art is what speaks to me and that's what's important to me in just getting RIGHT.

The instagram account is still in its beginning stages so there isn't as much stuff on it yet. But I'll be posting more to come in the coming months so give it a follow, leave me some comments on the posts (cheers and encouraging ones are always readily accepted haha!) or DM me if you wish!

I'll be posting material here soon too so stay with me here! For all you have have, heartfelt 150% THANK YOU for sticking with things! I'll be seeing y'all really soon!


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