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2021 Video Log 

Video Demo: Ear Acupuncture for Stress & Anxiety Relief 

Ear acupuncture demo - for stress and anxiety relief.

Strictly for the needle-curious-but-hesitant

Hey, here's a quick look-see at acupuncture points that can be used on the ear to help ease off anxiety, and edgy, racing thoughts at this pre-Xmas madness season. Actually, post 2-year, "learn to live with COVID", 2021 Xmas season madness. You know what I'm getting at! This makes a great alternative acupuncture treatment for this who are a little hesitant about getting their pokies on their hands and feet! 

Just for fun! Post video demo commentary from my acupuncture-demo buddy Edrianne!! 

Acupuncture Demo: Cold Prevention using Acupoint LU7

It's February 2021 and we're still in cold season. Want to learn how to acupressure yourself (and see an acupuncture demo? Check it out and let me know what you think!)

2020 Video Log

Facial Acupuncture Needles and Cups Intro: Part 1 

Facial Cup Demo

*Hey! Just a quick note! I don't often post on FB or Twitter much, but you can follow most of my adventures on instagram (@daryl.fang or, hit the insta button below and you can find them here: because that's practically where I live most of my days! That's where you can find these videos and perhaps, just a little more of my what the cogs in my head are saying as they turn! 


These videos are the sole, intellectual property of Daryl Fang, R.Ac and sharing of these videos (or their related social media posts) must be done so after the express consent of Daryl Fang, R.Ac.

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