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Springtime Changes to my Workplace(s) Schedule

Spring winds usher in new changes!

For most acugeeks, you'd probably understand the nuances of the statement.

For those of you doing the Colbert eyebrow raise at me (you know the one), let me explain.

Springtime is usually associated with Wind (and the organ Liver, the colour Green, the element of Wood and the direction, East). It is a time of blossoming after a sleepy winter and the time when the woody stems of trees and plants start bursting forth with vigour and life as it is the start of a new year.

And I may start digressing into a long post about the season of spring and all that it entails but spring is a busy time for most of us and I don't want to bog you down with too many academic details for now. There is too much sunshine happening out there and we want to be out there soaking it in! But if you're really dying to know more, this link (to is a great place to do some reading on springtime TCM associations!

The point (yes, I am the official Queen of Bad Puns) of this post is really to let you all know that I am making some changes to my work schedule.

As of May 6, 2019, I will be officially adding an additional day on my Darou Wellness schedule so instead of getting my "vibrant personality" (don't laugh, I have been told I am a bundle of sunshine!) only twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays at Darou Wellness, I'll also be operating out of there on Mondays from that date onwards too! My hours and days at Simple Cures stays the same (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays).

However, with this new additional date at one clinic, a date at one of my current clinical practices must wrap up to make room for spring growth. It is with a heavy heart that I bid my Monday practice at Ren's Acupuncture and TCM Clinic in Scarborough-Agincourt adieu. My last date there is Monday April 29, 2019.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't quite anticipate the growth at the Darou Wellness at west end to be quite as fast as it was and I was a not expecting it when I was asked if I would be able to operate out of there one more day as the clinic wasn't able to accommodate my bookings on two days alone. I was having such a blast working out of Darou Wellness that I guess the energy and joy of working out of there just translated into a more vigorous growth spurt from the time I started at the end of summer last year!

The west end was where I got started (at the Toronto Acupuncture Studio, for those of you who have followed my journey since 2011) so my roots and my heart are always tied to Toronto West. Being given the opportunity to work out of my "acupuncture spiritual home" one more day of my week was icing on the cake and I am stoked at the idea of being able to do more work there!

Scarborough-Agincourt will always have a special place deep inside though. My mentor, who works out of that practice, has assured me that I will always have a base to come back to if I wished. So it is with his blessing and all the promises of spring that I launch into a full three days at Darou Wellness (and a full three days at Simple Cures) with a tightened up, two-base of operations practices schedule starting May 2019!

I hope to see you there and wish you the best of health!

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