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Getting off my own lazy behind

I've been on the down low low low. OK, in actuality, I confess, I have been plain old lazy.

I know, I know. My bad. (I just wrist slapped myself so, THERE! We're even stevens....still friends??)

I know I keep saying that I'll be posting a little ditty about taking it easy and demonstrating the concept of "Yang Sheng" as a means of "keeping things balanced" in life and not letting life be all about too much action and no rest. Oh what a major hypo-critter I am as my summer has been all about the action-packed and uh...well, not so much about the "R an' R" aspect of life.

{Aside note: For all you acugeeks out there (YOU know who you are!!) who are curious, "Yang Sheng" is pretty much a way of life and living; where one "cultivates one's spirit" and "nourishes one's life" as a way to prevent disease (and all that nasty stuff that could kick your health out of kilter) and keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and, equally as important, responsive to all the things that life can throw at you.}

So really, the point and purpose of this short little interim article is to let the collective you out there know that I am working on things and to admit that I sorta let the brakes on my life loosen a little too much this summer. This is my mini confessional as to why I haven't made the changes I said I would make to the website and to acknowledge that even a healthcare practitioner like myself can overtalk the talk and totally forget to walk it. So all you out there that have heard me tell you to "slow down and smell the roses", you can all throw rotten cabbages at me and tell me that I smell like elderberries now for not taking my own little bit of sage advice (if you love Monty Python's Holy Grail, you'll get the elderberry reference!).

It's been a much busier summer for me than I expected.

Truth be told, this is the first summer that I have been literally running (to work, from work, recreationally and also in the mental hallways of my own mind) like a restless, running, headless chook! Summers always slowed down for me - naturally. In all ten-nish years (and counting) of walking the clinic floors, this has always been the pattern so I was half expecting to have mint cocktail drink in hand, sitting by some wading pool side, as I re-did my website and cranked out articles like a star pitcher throwing at light speed. Reality wanted to play a different game.

Nooooot that I'm complaining! Not at all.

I loved it!

The busy-ness, the movement, the need to be doing. Everything felt like I was doing what I was put on earth to be doing and everything smiled back at me as I worked.

Running back and forth between two clinics (and a fertility clinic and doing a few home visits) was a little challenging but fun. Time management was just out the window but I got so caught up in the adrenaline spikes of being "needed" at the time that I was like, "What the hell....let's book 'em all in one day!". Next thing you know, one day became one week, and one week then became a few weeks. I was full throttle at full speed all the way.

My smarter than me friends could smell the burnout even before it happened (I have Olivia to thank for making me see the actual yellow warning lights going off).

Anyway, at this point, I felt it morally correct to do an article on the concept of slowing down and cultivating one's physical health, qi and spirit (yes, as I write, I am at the moment, nursing an infected eye; shortly after succumbing to a few days of bad gastro just a little under three weeks ago) so I will pledge (just to keep myself accountable and not so full of it) to have this article out by the end of the month.

No pressure to finish this by next week but again, I'm putting a public deadline out there so that I will get this done. This is for all you true blue acugeeks out there that have been checking in here (thank you and I hope these articles make you laugh and make the whole world of TCM a little less scary-exotic and "what the bleep is this?" weird)!

I'll step up (by slowing down and taking my own advice - for once - so she says!) and have this sucker out and ready for you soon. Until then, I hope this piece here finds you in good health! Keep truckin', keep healthy and heck, keep it weird!

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