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Just Dropped! Acupuncture Video Demo

This is one proud acugeek! Not only am I slowly getting over my fear of doing videos in person ( person!). I also learned how to use a "hover box"! I'm chuffed, as they say in England!

If you check out my Lung 7 account video demo, you will see this "hover box eyeball thing" hovering over the left hand corner of the video box. Now I can conquer the highest mountains and the deepest recesses of the galaxy with relatively less fear than last year!

I'm still learning how to do the website cool, doodle-ly, doodle things while learning how to communicate and reach more of you fine people out there on social media! It's always scary doing social media and putting yourself out there. Especially more so for anyone in healthcare (add to that, IN A PANDEMIC - hello!) who grew up in a social media dessert where, in the good old days, people found you through something called the Yellow Pages and actually called you on a telephone.

However I am finding my legs here and feeling really happy about the progress I have made despite my lack of social media savvy!

So why demo the acupoint Lung 7?

Well simply put, it's EASY as pie to find! You can practically trace it along the bumpy ridge just on the thumb-side wrist (under the base of the thumb).

You can acupressure it yourself (or find someone like Moi to help you acupuncture it in a treatment) when you start the feel the starting chills and sneezes of a cold. And no one wants to start sneezing, coughing or clearing their throat in public during a pandemic, which, I need not remind anyone, we are still in the midst of.

Its a point on the Lung channel and helps with, you guessed it! Lung related issues (such as the cold I was referring to above). Think: sneezing, runny nose, chills on the back of the neck and head, coughs, dry throat, phlegm, as well as a few additional EXTRA benefits such as treating conditions of the nape and neck.

(Obligatory disclaimer inserted here because we just have to: any advice related to acupuncture or acupressure offered here are for informative purposes and are not to replace medical advice for any medical related conditions. This acupuncture point is not a medical treatment for COVID-19 or any respiratory related illness. Please seek the advice of your general practitioner or anyone in emergency medical care if you are experiencing any respiratory distress.)

So, without further adieu, this proud mamma wants you to check out her video post so you can see what this wonderful point does, how it's acupunctured and see me and my very helpful coworker Edrianne have some video demo fun. And yes, before you can even ask "Where is this amazing video friendly neighbourhood acupunk?", I have soooooo conveniently posted two links to it on 1. my website or 2. on my instagram account.

I'm stoked at my newfound prowess and confidence. I'll be seeing you in more video drops soon. Keep watching for me!


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