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Acu in the Six 

Acupuncture by Daryl Fang, R.Ac, B. App. Sci, B.A

Practicing Registered Acupuncturist, loving and living the good life in Toronto

Daryl Fang, 






Registered Acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO)



Daryl Fang, R.Ac

I've always been interested in the pursuit of balance and good health through natural therapies. My goal is to take you through a journey on how to achieve this without all the medical jargon and alternative health mystery talk getting in the way. I'm here to listen and guide you on reaching your health goals in simple and"easy-to-understand "terms. No question is too "weird" or "silly" to ask and I'd love to hear from you if you have one! Enjoy your time navigating through my site and I hope to be of service to you sometime soon!  




On your first treatment, I'll take you through an initial consultation. This usually includes a pulse and tongue diagnosis. But with COVID protocols upon us, we'll hold off on tongue diagnosis until its safe to do so so you won't have to stick your tongue out at me for now! 


I'll also be asking you health questions that are relevant to the condition you are seeking help with. A TCM diagnosis is made with the information I get from this initial consult and an individualized and unique treatment plan will be designed for you; followed immediately followed your acupuncture treatment.


Follow up plans are discussed at the close of treatment and we'll meet again at the next session to see how your body has responded to the first treatment. Loose fitting clothing is always recommended for each acupuncture session. Keep in mind that initial intake times vary depending on which clinic I work at.


Generally speaking though, you should allow yourself at least between an hour to an hour & a half for this initial consultation and treatment.  


The follow up treatment sessions that follow your first initial intake usually start off again with a tongue and pulse diagnosis (and for now, we'll hold off on looking at your tongue until COVID protocols are no longer required) and questions are asked focusing on progress made since your first treatment.  


We'll talk a bit about how you felt physically and mentally since that first session; set progress markers at this stage for what to anticipate as your conditions improve and, you may get dietary or lifestyle advice from me to help you along as you progress.


Depending on the requirements of the condition that you came in to seek treatment for, follow-up sessions are usually anywhere between 45 mins to one hour in length. Again, depending on which clinic I work at, follow-up session length will vary.


You may find out more on the links to each of the clinics provided in the Contact Page

Treatment prices

Because I work in different clinics across the GTA, treatment prices will vary. Please refer to the individual clinics for more information. Links to each clinic are included on the 

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