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June 10, 2019

Now you guys probably know that I have been gallivanting to the other side of the planet over the last two weeks so jet lag has been a pretty persistent theme running in the background of my head since I got back to Toronto a week ago. Sure I pretty much hit the ground running and got right back to work but I haven't been able to sit here in front of my trusty laptop to finish the article about "the Beast" called PMS (and hormones) - yet. I figured just to tie things over and to keep things light, airy and fresh (since I am still in a happy vacationland bubble), I'd do a FUN piece!    

This post was actually inspired by a conversation I had with a friend over dinner yesterday. We were talking about some of the stuff that comes up at work and somehow the twists and turns in the conversation about some of the more "improbable" things that occur in a workplace morphed into a discussion on some of the craziest things that we get asked at work. He probably wins hands down as h...

May 25, 2019

Its hard to believe that as I write this, that summer is just a little under month away here in Toronto. For awhile, it sure seemed that the long, cold winter was never going to leave and venturing to the great outdoors was nothing more than a pipe dream. I know there are those among us that would choose to live our lives in semi-permanent hibernation in our indoor caves. But for the majority of people that I know and speak to, summer is often looked upon with great anticipation and is often a time of activity, outdoor sports and adventure-seeking (think marathons, half-marathons, obstacle courses, dirt biking, running, basketball or swimming. I think gardening counts too to some degree!).

For some of us looking to get fitter and healthier, oftentimes our thoughts will turn towards that lofty goal of perhaps starting to run again, or to do a charity walk or race. And what is better motivation for participating in such noble causes than having clean, healthy lungs? Which, due to the fact...

May 18, 2019

This will be a short one - simply because the wifi at the service apartment where I am staying in Melbourne is not always consistent. I intended to post a little earlier but I had to figure out how to power through the initial 4-5pm zombie hour jet lag while working out how to get wifi while getting around the city catching up with old friends (yes, other fellow acupuncturists who graduated with me a decade ago - has it really been that long!??). 

Its my third day here of my conference and I am still pinching myself at the fact that I am back in my graduating city of Melbourne, Australia. I am still going to be hanging around for another two more days as I still have more catching up with my old buddies to do. Then it's up north to Brisbane to visit my aunt for another week. I used to spend time with her during my school breaks during the academic year when I needed good food and a place that felt like family. This whole trip is bringing back...

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