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OMG! I'm now an SEO-bustin', kung-fu kicking' acupunk on Google

It looks like my journey to getting my personal website project off the ground is locked, loaded and on! I didn't realize that I wasn't actually on google for the longest time (until now). My first domain name project on Wordpress didn't really take off because I didn't really have the magical skills for navigating it. So I decided to revisit Wix, where I got my first free website spit-and-polished put together at the end of 2017, and after doing a few rounds of mental, technical, financial and hair-pulling gymnastics, I secured an official Wix domain today and (I believe the term is) "optimized" my new website on google so I can be found more easily.

I am now officially LIVE on google!

For an introverted acupuncturist like myself, "getting found" was the last thing I'd instinctively want to do.

But the SEO-CEO within that seems to be growing with each passing year roared to life and nudged me to do yet another thing that scares the beejeezuz out of me and here you have it! I am now live, buzzing and kicking at my brand new site,, and I'm grinning so wide right now at my sudden prowess at SEO-ing myself, my face hurts!

There are still site updates to be made and I intend to re-design the site with a new colour scheme and bring in more acupuncture related content this summer after I return from my trip to Melbourne, Australia in May (Did I say trip? Yes I did and I will be blogging about this soon). However, the spirit and heartbeat of the site will remain the same and I'll still be plugging away at presenting what I do with my work with my brand of straight up, perhaps a little goofball, humour and perspective.

I hope this Good Friday finds each of you well, happy and healthy!

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